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Technical collaboration among BFKH, BRML and other partners


01/31/2023 11:02
After the workshop, from 6th to 7th September 2022, a technical collaboration was organised by BFKH , on order to make common measurements, using the novel facilities for verification of thermocouple performance, developed by BFKH. Partners participating were TUBITAK, BIM, BRML, CMI, FSB, IMBiH, JV, INM and MER.

The principle of the developed technique for determination of thermocouple inhomogeneity or drift is based on the Curie-point, which is a certain temperature at which the ferromagnetic material loses its magnetic properties, resulting in a constant temperature.

Different S and K type thermocouples with diameter of maximum 2 mm where tested, using the TIMF (Thermocouple Inhomogeneity Monitoring Facility) and the TDMF (Thermocouple Drift Monitoring Facility), at temperatures of 260°C and 360°C.

Measurements have been also performed with DTT thermometers newly developed by TUBITAK-UME, in fixed points of Sn, Zn and Al.

Considering the technical collaboration between BRML and BFKH, long lasting drift measurements at temperature of 360°C have been performed together, with S type thermocouple transported by BRML to BFKH, using the novel TDMF device.

This two day-long technical collaboration among the project partners was good opportunity to work together, testing the novel methods and techniques.

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