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M9 Meeting and Workshop for stakeholders organized by FSB


03/13/2020 10:25

The M9 meeting has been organized at the Laboratory for Process Measurement at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB-LPM), Zagreb, Croatia on 26th February 2020. Partners from: TUBITAK, BFKH, BIM, BRML, IMBiH, JV, INM, MER and FSB were present. Detailed project plans by workpackage activities, including Dual-Type Thermometer and slim/ miniature FP cells designs, were discussed. Future planes for the next activities and reports submission have been adopted.

As a follow-up of the M9 meeting on 27th of February a workshop for stakeholders in Croatia was organized. The workshop was organized for the stakeholders working in the field of temperature measurements, in accordance with the activities planned within the scope of this project.The workshop was held in the premises of the FSB-LPM and it was attended by 40 representatives coming from accredited laboratories. All the laboratories are working or are planning to start working in the field of temperature measurements.

The following topics were covered:

  • The basic principles of temperature measurements by using thermocouples and related uncertainties
  • The description of new devices and methods that will be developed within the project scope
  • The discussion on users requirements, possible improvements and the implementation of devices and methods developed within the project scope

At the end of the workshop a visit to the temperature laboratory at FSB LPM was organized.

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