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08/16/2021 11:10
News about the research activities done under 18RPT03 EMPIR project 18RPT03-RMG02 “Design of a novel type of dual thermometer” in the Temperature laboratory of TUBITAK UME.
The joint research work was performed by Mrs.Iska Kolaveri (Spahiu) researcher from National Metrology Institute of Albania, and the Project Coordinator Mrs.Narcisa Arifovic in the Temperature laboratory of TUBITAK UME, from April to the beginning of July 2021.

Project Coordinator Mrs.Narcisa Arifovic guided the Mrs.Iska Kolaveri researcher during the construction process, as well as development of experimental prototype of Dual thermometers, which design was developed by TUBITAK and FSB and agreed to be worked during the RMG activities.

During this research work, Mrs. Iska Kolaveri and Project Coordinator Narcisa Arifovic (UME Temperature Lab), developed two Dual thermometers, suitable for metrological performance validation using the equipment available at TUBITAK UME lab.

The assembled 2 dual type thermometers, consisted by two K type (chromel-alumel) wires and two S type (platinum-rhodium / platinum) wires connected together by welding the hot junction.

Project Coordinator Mrs.Narcisa Arifovic guided the Mrs.Iska Kolaveri researcher through validation of 2 dual thermometers thermometers in ITS-90 fixed-point cells in UME Temperature Lab. The calibration measurements were performed at Tin (Sn), Zinc (Zn), Aluminium (Al), Silver (Ag), and Copper (Cu) UME reference fixed points cells for that were prepared according to the ITS-90 procedures. The measurements were done in a big matrix for the repeatability, homogeneity and the drift of all 4 types created (S, K, K+ and K) for each of dual thermocouples. Drift and homogeneity of the Dual Thermometers were assessed after two calibration runs before and after exposure of the thermocouples to thermal cycling at high temperatures, up to the copper fixed point temperature of 1084°C. The effects of thermal cycling performance of the thermocouples in higher temperature were also determinated.

Mrs.Iska Kolaveri (Spahiu): 

-“This project was good opportunity for me on learning how to build new thermocouples, with all accessories and how is the process for calibration in fixed point cells. 
I performed measurements in Cu, Al, Zn, Sn, Ag fixed-point cells and evaluation related to the  measurements have done.”

"This RMG is a greet experiance, I and DPM temperature laboratory will have a big benefit from it!"


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