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WORKSHOP at BFKH– Novel devices and methods for verification of thermocouple performance


01/30/2023 10:54
The workshop was organised by BFKH-Hungary on 5th September 2022. The main objective of this workshop was to ensure the wide dissemination of the knowledge generated within this project. The participants of the workshop were the project partners (TUBITAK, BIM, BRML, CMI, FSB, IMBiH, JV, INM, MER) and representants of different stakeholders as University ELTE, MVM Nuclear Power Plant Paks, C+D Automatika Kft, TiTon Bt and WM Laboratory Kft.
During the workshop six presentations were presented , embrassing important objectives as general aspects of the project, impact and RMG1 (construction of Ag FP cells) activities in the project, novel methods and devices for verification of thermocouple performance.

The workshop had a very positive feedback, the stakeholders found interesting the different presentations and found useful the achievements of the project.

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